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Bloom: I'm going to bed I won't be on till tomorrow night so like 18hrs offline sorry guys shows are still needing a few more entries before I judge hope yall have a lovely day tomorrow ;) Feb 20, 2020 9:01:13 GMT -5
Bloom: Aww no haha Feb 20, 2020 8:36:46 GMT -5
Neco: I may have a problem hoarding Thoroughbreds :( Feb 20, 2020 0:19:49 GMT -5
Neco: lol like 70+ OOPS Feb 20, 2020 0:19:42 GMT -5
Bloom: Whoo! That's great hopefully not too many left... Feb 20, 2020 0:05:00 GMT -5
Neco: Well I got all my 1st gen stallions done so I've got that going for me, which is nice lol Feb 19, 2020 23:43:58 GMT -5
Bloom: OMG Neco :o I feel bad cause you focus so much time on the community you've missed out on your own stuff :( Feb 19, 2020 22:41:19 GMT -5
Neco: Yeah over 100 lol oops >> The worst are the ones that I ran in the Triple Crown races, because then t's literally pages of races to put up on their results threads haha. One colt so far is 3 pages alone in 2019 >> Feb 19, 2020 22:15:15 GMT -5
Bloom: Oh no Neco you have so soooo many TBs too awh man I feel for you. I ran my races finally got a few more up. (rofl) Feb 19, 2020 22:12:10 GMT -5
Neco: So many entries to fix :( Feb 19, 2020 21:51:26 GMT -5
Neco: Ughhh so I apparently haven't updated a lot of my TBs for like 3 years >> Guess I know what I'm doing tonight lol Feb 19, 2020 21:51:19 GMT -5
Bloom: In-Hand and Halter shows judged and opened more well done everyone! Feb 19, 2020 19:56:27 GMT -5
Bloom: Yeah love the entries so far Wyatt looks amazing! Feb 18, 2020 22:18:38 GMT -5
valeera: Heck yes! entered Wyatt :) Feb 18, 2020 21:42:43 GMT -5
Bloom: Halter and In- Hand Shows are Judged I am doing a special show in Halter for those of you that want to win a bit of ss and double points! Feb 18, 2020 19:48:55 GMT -5
Neco: Ooo you guys have been busy while I was house cleaning! Now I gotta get more poses from my ponies ahaha Feb 18, 2020 14:08:28 GMT -5
Aragorn: Me too! It's awesome to see so many entries and life here :D Feb 18, 2020 8:32:12 GMT -5
Bloom: Seems I'll be judging again tomorrow just need 1-2 more entries in my shows. Happy to see so much activity! :D Feb 18, 2020 8:27:18 GMT -5
Bloom: Indeed I can't wait to see the others :D Feb 18, 2020 2:21:35 GMT -5
valeera: Thank you! I’ve been stuck inside all weekend and avoiding housework lol she’s worth it tho! Feb 18, 2020 2:20:16 GMT -5